Txispy, creator of designer jewellery

I’m Mariona Blesa, a fine arts and design technician in artistic jewellery procedures. I have been engaged in designer jewellery for the past six years, in which I have evolved as an artist both technically and sensitively, as art is feeling. Giving my works the power to convey to others the feeling I myself feel in imagining and creating them. During these six years I have been moving at an artistic level in the following ways: obtaining the craft card granted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, participating in exhibitions permanent, other temporary and various jewellery and / or craft events, making restoration of goldsmithing, working to order and making trade demonstrations.

My stage name is Txispy-Tona Unpublished Jewellery

I want to thank you in advance for the trust you have placed in me in observing my work.

I also want to tell you a little bit about what I do and how I do it. And also give you some brief tips on how to maintain your jewellery.

I am an artisan jeweller, which means that I make my jewellery by hand from the casting of the metal (be it gold, silver or other type) to the final finish of the piece, and I do everything by hand.

I design jewellery from inspiration that produces a feeling, a landscape or just a word. That’s why I don’t design in series, I don’t use moulds: my jewellery is unique, which means I only do it with every inspiration. You are unique, so are my jewels.

I pass on to the jewels my awareness for the conservation of the planet.

What do I mean? Very simple: in the realization of each and every one of the pieces I use biodegradable and / or recyclable materials. Jewellery is an unknown area in terms of the highly polluting products that are commonly used. At Jewellery Txispy, I’ve been very concerned about this since the beginning.

I firmly believe that beauty cannot be created if in the process we use products that are very harmful to our environment, to the planet. That’s why I run jewellery following the techniques used by the generations of jewellers who preceded me. At that time there were no petroleum products, no lethal and corrosive chemicals, and yet they created jewels of great beauty. The process is longer and a little more expensive, but nothing compared to the price of life on our planet.

I also remind you that jewellery requires annual maintenance in order to preserve its original beauty. Sometimes the hoop of the rings or bracelets has been deformed, due to its use, loss of shine… and it is advisable to do proper maintenance so that its duration allows them to pass from generation to generation.