4011 – Rancid Wine of the Miravet


Of the D.O. Tarragona

Presentation: In individual kraft paper bag




 Characteristics: Rancid wine is a traditional dry wine that, aged with oxidation, acquires its own tasting characteristics and an old gold colour. Our aged rancid wine is made from white Grenache and Maccabee. After the complete or partial fermentation of the sugars of the grape, an oxidative aging is carried out in environments of very reduced humidity. It has a minimum aging of four years, of which a minimum of three in oak and chestnut barrels. As the wine dwindles, each year the barrel must be filled by adding the amount it has lost. Traditionally, wineries used the oldest barrel called “godmother” or “corner barrel”. To each vintage was added new wine that mixed with the old wine quickly acquired the characteristics of rancid wine.
Designation of Origin: D.O. Tarragona
Tasting note: The characteristic colour of the “rancid” DO Tarragona wine is old, shiny gold with orange reflections. With an intense and deep aroma, very rich in notes of nuts, citrus and dehydrated fruits. Its taste in the mouth is clearly defined by the intensity, freshness and a very long persistence.
Pairing: It is almost perfect with marinated nuts, glazed brown, sacher cake and to marinate fresh strawberries. It accompanies very well the whole assortment of cakes, pastries and artisan or homemade sweets typical of local festivities and celebrations. The most daring can try it with the typical roast chicken. Once opened, you can cover it with the original cork and store it in a cool place.
Consumption temperature: Serve fresh at 12 º C, preferably in a glass such as tastavins or sherry.
Graduation: 14.5% Vol.
Capacity: 75 Cl.

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