Trio Of Aces D.O.Q. Priorat By De Muller

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  • 1 De Muller Legítim 2018 D.O. Priorat

  • 1  De Muller D.O. Priorat “Les Pusses” Criança

  • 1 De Muller D.O. Priorat “Lo Cabaló” Reserve

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Our well-known red wine aged, a pioneer of the wines of the priory, as its history dates back to the middle of the twentieth century. Elegant cherry-red with ruby ​​tones, this excellent wine is the result of its blend, revealing its high graduation in its elegant and pronounced tears.
Elaboration: The selected grapes are transferred to the facilities to start vinification. A fermentation and maceration is carried out at a temperature of 25-28ºC. The lactic brick fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks
Varieties: Grenache, Merlot, Syrah and Carignan
Vineyard: Vineyards planted on hard soil and grown on trellis. The vineyards are located in the valley of the river Siurana, in the Priorat area.
Aging: after fermentation, the must is aged in French or American oak barrels for aging for 12 months.
Graduation: 15% Vol.
Tasting note: Sensual, deep and complex aroma with rich aromas of vanilla and roasted from its aging in French oak, combined with characteristic primary and secondary aromas to highlight light notes of very ripe red fruits. Extremely well-balanced palate, warm and sweet, with a high tannic composition but very well structured and a great variety of taste already detected by aroma. With a full, pronounced, pleasant and lasting aftertaste.
Service: It is recommended to serve it between 17 ºC temperature.
Pairing: Sausages, grilled red meats, feather game, goat cheeses, rice with meat, stewed pork, roasts and game.
Capacity: 75 Cl.


A different priority when using Syrah and Merlot as varieties of “coupage”. Aged in Hungarian oak barrels for 14 months, it gives it an even more unique character. The intensity of the fruit is mixed with the personality of the oak, giving the wine an optimal evolution by obtaining complex aromas and flavors. After aging in bottle, the wine has balsamic aromas, toast, coffee and tofu.
Vintage: 2016
Varieties: 50% Merlot and 50% Syrah
Vineyard: Vineyards planted on hard soil and grown on trellis. The vineyards are located in the valley of the river Siurana, in the Priorat area.
Aging: after fermentation, the must is transferred to French or American oak barrels to be aged for 14 months.
Graduation: 14% Vol.
Tasting notes: Medium intensity red and intense brown reflections in aromas of currants, cherries, plums, vanilla, spices, tofu and cocoa. Intense flavours on the palate, polished tannins, persistent acidity, a long aftertaste.
Service: It is recommended to serve it between 16 and 18 ºC temperature.
Pairing: Grilled red meats and game meats
Capacity: 75 Cl.



Red wine Reserve of high range. The Priory in its clearest and greatest expression. Each varietal that is part of this lace adds complexity to the whole blend.
Vintage: 2015. Lo Cabaló can be stored in a bottle for more than 10 years.
Varieties: 75% Grenache, 10% Merlot, 10% Syrah and 5% Carignan.
Capacity: 75 Cl.
Graduation: 14% Vol.
Tasting Sheet: The best selection of American and French barrels give it an aromatic complexity, highlighting the black fruit and complementing it with notes of toffee and vanilla. The wine develops a smoothness on the palate, the flavours are intense, balanced and there is a long-lasting aftertaste.
  • Colour: Ruby colour with tile reflections
  • Nose: Nuts, sweet spices, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, toasted aromas
  • Palate: Highlights ripe fruit, very intense black fruit with vanilla and toast. All this marked by a persistent minerality
Service: It is recommended to serve it between 16 and 18 ºC temperature.
Pairing: Red meats, roasts, spicy sauces, and magret

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