Sweet Wines of Haloween


  • De Muller Sweet Wine of Mass Superior

  • Walnut Wine Liqueur

  • Sweet Wine “Soul of Macabee” of the Miravet

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Characteristics: Sweet wines include what we all know as ice wine, muscatel or Sitges malvasia. And in this case, the Miravet Sweet Wine made only with 100% Maccabee. These wines are usually made from overripe or dehydrated grapes, which contain so much sugar that if the alcoholic fermentation is stopped when it reaches the minimum degree required by law, the wine still contains enough sugar to be sweet.
Designation of Origin: D.O. Tarragona
Tasting note: Dense, intense and sweet mouthfeel. Acidity agrees with the sweetness of the wine, which makes it not at all embarrassing, inviting you to drink more glasses. End of great persistence and very pleasant. High aromatic intensity. In a still glass, the clean, sweet and fresh aromas of ripe Maccabee grapes, honey, orange peel and white flowers such as the orange blossom or jasmine stand out. With an agitated glass, the aromas that appear when the glass is stopped intensify, increasing the sensation of sweetness and freshness typical of the variety.
Pairing: accompanied by pâtés, Catalan cream, fruit desserts, fresh cheeses, chocolates, truffles and custard.
Consumption temperature: We recommend drinking it between 8 and 10 ªC
Colour: Clean and transparent wine, bright, attractive to the eye. Straw yellow colour with golden tones.
Graduation: 14.5% Vol.
Capacity: 50 Cl.



Characteristics: The wine liqueur of walnuts is obtained from macerating wine with green walnuts from our freshly harvested lands. The wine is left to macerate with natural herbs and green walnuts in a glass bottle for 40 days in the sun and serene. Once macerated, the remains of the walnuts and herbs are removed, sweetened and aged in oak barrels.Varieties: Tempranillo and MerlotGraduation: 15% Vol.ORGANOLPTIC CHARACTERISTICS· Colour: Dark bright.· Aroma: Intense fruity· Taste: Light and liqueur due to its low graduation and sweetness.Pairing: accompanied by Lyonnais and all kinds of cakes, Catalan cream, nuts desserts, fresh cheeses, chocolates, truffles and custards.Consumption and temperature: We recommend drinking it between 4 and 6 ºC. Store in the refrigerator. Serve cold. Once the bottle is opened, we recommend consuming it before 6 months.Capacity: 50 Cl.



 We come across a quirky, really different wine that is worth considering. The De Muller family specializes in the production of Mass wines, such as this one, which are obtained according to ecclesiastical rules.This guarantees a liturgical purity, a statement endorsed by the testimony of the titles of Pontifical Providers. The Mass wines are accompanied by their corresponding Ecclesiastical Certificate that the Archbishops of Tarragona have granted to De Muller since 1883.
Colour: Old gold color with amber hues.
Varieties: Grenache Blanc and Macabee
Graduation: 15% Vol.
Tasting notes:
· Nose: Elegant aroma, with ripe fruit and candied fruit, with notes of truffle and raisins. Delicate orange background that evolves into a smoky background acquired by aging in very old oak.
· Palate: Very sweet, full, dense and generous, with original touches of dates, pine nuts and hazelnuts, and warmer honey, flowers and spices.
Service: It is recommended to serve it between 12 and 14 ºC temperature.
Capacity: 75 Cl.

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