RadFem Ring

80,00 Price excluding Tax

Presentation: In a special velvet jewelry bag


RadFem Ring

(feminist hooded lapis lazuli ring)
“Every day is a woman’s day”
Ring inspired by the alliance of a feminist herd.
We see an engraving on the hoop/body of the ring that symbolizes the feminist herd.
Cross ring representing the warm embrace of comrades and allies.
In a terminal we can see the engraving of the hoop body of the ring.
At the other terminal, the protagonist is a lapis lazuli dive.
Blue lapis lazuli breaking with stereotypes, exterminating this bad belief that color has sex.
The mineral is held by a nest.
Bridge-shaped silver wires hold the lapis lazuli.
Smooth hoop/ring body in the style of the textures collection.
Medium width.
Polished and subtly aged finish.
Own design.
Unique piece made by hand.
In case of end of stock it can be made to order.
Check by e-mail.


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