Moon Yawn Ring

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Presentation: In a special velvet jewelry bag


Moon yawn ring

Black pearl strung on engraved iron braid
Ring inspired by the moon’s awakening, and its yawning at dawn.
The black pearl symbolizes purity, also considered a lunar symbol and a symbol of good luck.
Formed by a cultured black pearl, threaded by braided threads.
An engraved plate is born from the link.
The ring subjected to a treatment for silver, with which we manage to darken the engraving.
The ring / body of the ring is in the style of the Texturas i Perlas Barrocas collection.
End to middle width measurement.
Polished finish.
Own and unisex design.
Unique piece made by hand.
Adjustable by the customer.
In case of end of stock it can be made to order.
Check by e-mail.


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