Illusion Ring

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Presentation: In a special velvet jewelry bag


Illusion Ring

(Black Star)
This ring symbolizes the chimera, short and short twice as well.
The protagonist is an oval-shaped sapphire gemstone by Star Sapphire or also known as the Black Star.
The gemstone “Black Star” was considered a powerful talisman to guide travelers and seekers.
The Black Star is held by a mouth and two side claws that support it.
The hoop/body is in the style of non-solid seal, the base is shaped like a rhombus.
In the lower and upper part of the rhombus we find half polished spheres.
Due to the circle/body of the seal, a limited texture and a diamond finish can be seen in limited areas, which delimits the area with texture.
Ring made of 925 Silver.
The ring is in the style of the Precious Stones collection.
Measurement of average width. Size 17.5
Polished/diamond finish.
Own and unisex design.
Unique piece made by hand.
In case of end of stock it can be made to order.
Check by e-mail.


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