Flying Jump Ring

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Presentation: In a special velvet jewelry bag


Flying Jump Ring

Black Pearl
Ring symbolizes a two-way starting point, the easy and the difficult.
Inspired by the event of what is easy is usually a bad path and the good always requires effort
and sacrifice.
Ring formed by a cultured baroque pearl in black and threaded by a braid of fine silver threads.
From its protagonist is born the ring-body of the ring two threads of different section, one more
curved and the other straight and flatter.
The ring has been subjected to a treatment for 925 silver, which gives class to the jewel.
The ring/body of the ring is in the style of the Fil de Plata collection.
Medium width measurement.
Glossy/polished finish.
Own and unisex design.
Unique piece made by hand.
In case of end of stock it can be made to order.
Check by e-mail.


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