5165 – Cassis Monells Liqueur


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 Characteristics: It is one of the traditional liqueurs of the Aran Valley originated thanks to the relations between the Pyrenees and Occitan. It is produced using Cassis fruit or black currants as the main ingredient. After harvesting and selecting its fruit, it is macerated in refined alcohol for 20 months, and then sugar is added, after a natural settling process. The result is a low-alcohol liqueur that can be enjoyed as an aperitif, with a few drops of white wine, champagne or cava and is called Kir Royale and is also an excellent complement to taste with desserts such as vanilla ice cream. or gingerbread ice cream, as well as with game dishes or in making sauces.
Tasting note: It is a low-alcohol liqueur, so it is usually taken as an appetizer or after eating. In cocktails it can be used to add to other drinks. To discover the taste of Cassis Liqueur is to discover that of a region and a history to tell that it always runs at the top; between mountains.
Consumption temperature: Drink only very cold or with ice in a small glass of ice cream.
Colour: This liqueur was often used as a substitute for strawberry, raspberry and blackberry liqueurs, especially for its dark reddish colour. It combines very well in drinks that contain sour flavors such as lemon or lime juice; in addition it is excellent with drinks that contain red fruits.
Graduation: 16% Vol.
Capacity: 70 Cl.

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