5115 – Mandarinello Cream Liqueur


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Characteristics: Tangerine Cream Liqueur made without dyes or preservatives, after a careful selection of the best tangerines in the Mediterranean.
Mandarinello is a liqueur typical of the Sicilian region of Italy. As its name suggests, it is made from the extract that results from macerating the peel of the tangerine.
Cava Artístic pays homage to this daily Italian tradition with its Crema de Mandarinello, an exquisite fruit liqueur with a refreshing taste that can be enjoyed on any occasion.
For its ingredients, Mandarinello Cream is a liqueur full of intense perfumes and flavours. It is ideal for sharing on a field day or a family barbecue. It is the perfect gift for those who like fruit liqueurs.
Ingredients: Milk, sugar, hydro alcoholic solution and natural aromas of tangerine.
Tasting Notes: Delicate, pleasant and slightly alcoholic taste. Ideal for tasting or as a digestive.
Pairing: accompanied by Lyonnais and all kinds of cakes, Catalan cream, fruit desserts, fresh cheeses, chocolates, truffles and custards.
Consumption and temperature: We recommend drinking it between 4 and 6 ºC. Store in the refrigerator. Serve cold. Once the bottle is opened, we recommend consuming it before 6 months.
Colour: Soft salmon with creamy tones and golden reflections
Graduation: 16% Vol.
Capacity: 70 Cl.

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